Dissolving Entities to Avoid BOI Reporting


Are you in the process of closing or dissolving your reporting entity? While reasons for closure/dissolution vary dramatically from economic reasons to early retirement, every business owner shares one thing in common: nobody wants to contend with penalties while during the process of, or at the conclusion of, a dissolution. A dissolved or dissolving entity…

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BOI Reporting for Foreign Entities

boi for foreign entities

FinCEN’s new reporting requirements can be difficult for American born and based business owners to navigate, so if you are a non-American business owner the situation could be even more confusing!  This article will present some background information to help unpack the requirements for foreign entities as it relates to FinCEN’s Beneficial Ownership Information reporting…

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Who Can Access the Beneficial Ownership Information that FinCEN Maintains?


Now that I have registered my beneficial ownership information with FinCen, who can request to view it? On December 21, 2023 FinCen published the final rule elaborating on the Corporate Transparency Act’s purpose, access, and safeguards to information. The ostensible purpose of the Corporate Transparency Act is to protect national security and safeguard U.S. financial…

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Independent Truckers Need to Report Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI)

Truckers Need to Report Beneficial Ownership Information

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network’s (or FinCEN’s) new requirements for beneficial ownership information reporting places new obligations on most small business owners. If you are just beginning your journey in navigating the new reporting requirements, you are not alone. Millions of small business owners are discerning whether or not they must report on beneficial ownership,…

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