For Service Providers

Whether your organization helps customers with their BOI reporting or not, your customers will have questions that will be difficult for your team to answer.  Reduce support costs and improve customer satisfaction with BOI-Labs expert system for BOI compliance.


BOI Compliance Evaluation and Assessment

We wrote the world's most sophisticated evaluation and assessment for BOI Compliance.  Allow your clients and customers to answer questions, and receive a high-quality assessment with "next steps" that push them back to you for more services.

Operating Agreement Generator

If your organization creates LLC's, stand out from the crowd and increase revenues by offering high-end, high-quality, highly customized Operating Agreements with our system.  Customers will pay extra for a high-quality document.

Client and Customer BOI Maintenance and Tracking

Maximize recurring revenues by utilizing our tools to allow your organization to keep track of thousands of clients' BOI data, with alerts, reports and tracking.  Remove the annoyance and uncertainty for your clients and customers.

Bylaws & Shareholder Agreement

Written for Incorporators of all types, whether Service Providers or Attorneys.  Our expert system produces a high-quality, highly customized MS Word version of Bylaws, Shareholder Agreement, Corporate Resolutions Template, Stock Certificate, and Instructions.

BOI Reporting for Initial and Updated Reports

BOI-Labs does not compete with its customers, and therefore does not offer this service.  If your organization wishes to partner with another vendor to provide these services to your clients and customers, please contact one of our customers (listed below).

Lease Generator for Commercial Properties

In Beta, scheduled for general release end of 1Q2024.  Contact us for more information, if interested.  We are Lawyers Who Code.

Our Benefits for Service Providers

Answers if Reporting Company, and Who are the Beneficial Owners

Let's face it, it's not too difficult to answer these questions with simple setups and company configurations.  It becomes much harder when the company is not setup properly, or the client sits on edge-cases.  BOI-Labs helps identify the edge-cases, and greatly reduce the time associated with BOI Compliance.

Significantly Reduce Support Costs

"Do I have to report?", "Is Person X a Beneficial Owner?", "How do I avoid having to report?", "My company changed, do I have to file an updated report?"  All these questions and more, face your organization by each and every customer.  Our system answers these questions, so you don't have to devote support staff and time trying to figure it out.  You will stand out from the competition.

Fully Supports FinCEN's Small Entity Compliance Guide

FinCEN has done a great job spelling out the issues, providing flow-carts, and identifying edge cases.  We wrote our expert system to be tightly coupled FinCEN's approach.  Our questions and assessment can be verified side-by-side with the Small Entity Compliance Guide, reducing errors and headaches.

Significantly Increase Customer Satisfaction

If your organization cannot answer customer questions, timely and accurately, your customers will either go somewhere else or put a lot of pressure on your organization.  Hopefully, your organization won't give out wrong advice, exposing your customers to criminal sanctions and/or stiff financial penalties.  BOI-Labs makes this a breeze for you to support your customers.

Your Brand.  Your Solution.

It's important for your organization to deliver a seamless experience to your customers.  We can match your brand, tie in relevant content from your knowledge base and/or website, and on the analysis summary report page, direct your customers to your services.  What services?  New RA, dissolve company, order BOI report assistance, order maintenace, and more.

Increase Sales.  Increase Revenues.

Our expert system just doesn't generate an analysis.  It asks the customer what they want to do next.  Those "next steps" need to include your offerings, pushing customers to make additional purchases with your organization, and increase recurring revenue.  All of this happens automatically and customized to the customer's specific needs, based on how they interactive with the program.

No Long-Term Contract

We're so confident in our technology and solution, we don't lock clients into long-term contracts.  You are free to leave with 30-days notice.

We Have Your Back.  Expert Support.

As Lawyers Who Code, we have the ability to back up your organization regarding FinCEN questions and compliance issues.  You have a competent partner to help you every step of the way.

Have More Questions?

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Please contact us, and we'll be happy to discuss how BOI-Labs could be of help to you and your practice, and the costs behind customizing our services to mee the needs of your firm and your clients.