Does FinCEN Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting ...


... have you feeling like you need a vacation?  Don't stress, the Lawyers Who Code at BOI-Labs have built an Expert System to take the stress and worry out of BOI analysis and reporting.


How much the standard business owner understands about Beneficial Ownership Information


How much the average attorney understands about Beneficial Ownership Information


How much attorneys understand about Beneficial Ownership Information using BOI-Labs

Relax. You Have Time for that Vacation.

Zero to 10 classes, and up to 4 subclasses.  You can define your own class and subclass names.

Fully supports FinCEN's Small Entity Compliance Guide!  We strive to keep our software within 48 hours current of any changes issued by FinCEN. 

Fully supports direct and indirect ownership, current ownership and future ownership.  Provides backup of its calculations, so you can double-check its analysis.

Provides helpful tips and guidance, for answers you may not know.  Supports all BOI calculation options as identified by FinCEN.

Supports non-standard company setups, and will warn you when things are non-standard or not correct.

Helps you evaluate whether your company is a reporting company or not, as well as who are the beneficial owners.

Supports shares, units, percentage ownership, and any other form of ownership you define.

For Companies

The most advanced system for Beneficial Ownership Information compliance available.
Free.  Anonymous.  Takes 5-10 minutes.

For Attorneys

Our system can be customized to meet your specific legal and jurisdictional requirements.  Control the call to actions, and direct clients to you.

For Service Providers

Reduce fulfillment costs, increase customer satisfaction and increase revenues by leveraging our Beneficial Ownership Information tools.


Powerfull software.  Branded for you.

We are Lawyers Who Code, and we've taken all of FinCEN's rules, procedures and guides and coded them into a powerful, branded, expert system that provides a superior user-experience and analysis.

Companies, attorneys and service providers don't need to fret over the details.  Let our system answer the questions, quickly, simply, anonymously.

Learn how BOI-Labs can power your efforts at Beneficial Ownership Information reporting compliance.

BOI Compliance Evaluation and Assessment

Most Popular

Free Version for Everyone

Free (Seriously)
  • Answers: Reporting Company or Not?
  • Answers: Who is a Beneficial Owner?
  • Supports all types of entities
  • Supports all types of tax status
  • Supports up to 10 classes and 4 subclasses
  • Supports shares, units, percentage ownership and more
  • Supports direct and indirect ownership
  • Provides detailed analysis
  • Provides list of "next steps," with list of recommendations

Customized for Attorneys

$199.99 per Month
  • Price is per Attorney
  • + Customization Expenses
  • Everything in the free version, plus ...
  • Customized brand to match your firm's website
  • Customized language, screens and analysis
  • More information redirects to your law firm
  • Customized detailed analysis
  • List of "next steps" is yours, with your call-to-action

Customized for Service Providers

$0.99 per Use
  • + Customization Expenses
  • Everything in the free version, plus ...
  • Customized branding
  • Customized language
  • More information redirects to your website
  • List of "next steps" is yours, with your call-to-action

How Much Time Do You Have?

Determining all Beneficial Owners of a reporting company is not easy.  Guess wrong, and the penalties are severe.  Any time something changes, you need to figure things out again. BOI-Labs is the most advanced system available to help.

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