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We are Lawyers Who Code.  We've built the world's most powerful program for Beneficial Ownership Information reporting compliance.  Designed to help reporting companies, attorneys and service providers.

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Need to know whether your company is a reporting company?  Or, need to know who the Beneficial Owners are of your reporting company?  Or, simply need help monitoring BOI compliance?  Access now.  It's free, anonymous and takes 3-5 minutes.

Looking for a best-in-class, affordable system to help streamline BOI compliance?  Want to make available self-help options for clients, or automated information-gathering?  Want a solution customized to your firm's unique needs?

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Our expert system can increase revenue, customer satisfaction and compliance for unlicensed legal providers.  Whether you provide BOI reporting and compliance yourself or not, your customers will ask and want precise, accurate answers they can rely on.  Our expert system does just that, branded to your company.

Our Value-Add

Best-in-Class Expert Systems

We use the latest technology, that asks only relevant questions, in compliance with FinCEN and other governmental agencies.  We explain our results, and help guide the user to answer questions correctly.

Greatly Reduce Time and Expense

Half the battle of a competent legal assessment, is getting the right information from the client.  Our system doesn't just help analyze, it helps question the client.

Written and Design by Lawyers Who Code

Our systems are lawyer-built and lawyer-grade.  We are corporate attorneys, who know how companies work and FinCEN compliance.

Greatly Increase Revenues and Client Satisfaction

Clients want quick and inexpensive help.  Now you have a fast solution for FinCEN compliance, and can charge clients for your review.

Constantly Updated as Laws Change

We use our systems in our own practice, so are constantly updating it to maximize FinCEN compliance.

Reduce Client Support Time and Cost

Get ready for the tsunami of questions that clients won't want to pay a lot for you to answer.  They want fast and inexpensive answers.

Infinitely Customizable

Not only can our systems match your brand, we can customize callouts, calls-to-action, reference material and even the language used in the assessment and analysis.

Position Your Company as a Market Leader

The big money in FinCEN compliance is being able to help a lot of reporting companies, without charging them a lot for your services. With the right software, this is a breeze, and provides valuable recurring revenue.

BOI Compliance Evaluation and Assessment

We wrote the world's most sophisticated evaluation and assessment for BOI Compliance.  Allow your clients and customers to answer questions, and receive a high-quality assessment with "next steps" that push them back to you for more services.

Operating Agreement Generator

If your organization creates LLC's, stand out from the crowd and increase revenues by offering high-end, high-quality, highly customized Operating Agreements with our system.  Customers will pay extra for a high-quality document.

Client and Customer BOI Maintenance and Tracking

Maximize recurring revenues by utilizing our tools to allow your organization to keep track of thousands of clients' BOI data, with alerts, reports and tracking.  Remove the annoyance and uncertainty for your clients and customers.

Bylaws & Shareholder Agreement

Written for Incorporators of all types, whether Service Providers or Attorneys.  Our expert system produces a high-quality, highly customized MS Word version of Bylaws, Shareholder Agreement, Corporate Resolutions Template, Stock Certificate, and Instructions.

BOI Reporting for Initial and Updated Reports

BOI-Labs does not compete with its customers, and therefore does not offer this service.  If your organization wishes to partner with another vendor to provide these services to your clients and customers, please contact one of our customers (listed below).

Lease Generator for Commercial Properties

In Beta, scheduled for general release end of 1Q2024.  Contact us for more information, if interested.  We are Lawyers Who Code.

Participating Lawyers, Law Firms and Service Providers

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Are you an attorney or service provider?

We're happy to talk with you to discuss our offerings, and how they can help your clients and business regarding FinCEN compliance, evaluation and assessment.