BOI Advisors

This is a directory of verified attorneys and experts in Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) law, policies and procedure (we call them “Advisors”).  These Advisors are NOT paid contributors, but have been verified by BOI-Labs, LLC, to be affiliated with FinCEN or validly licensed attorneys.  BOI-Labs, LLC, makes no guarantees or warrantees with respect to the individuals contained within this database.  You are advised to evaluate anyone you consult with or hire on your own, and BOI-Labs, LLC, makes no recommendations on who to hire whatsoever.

If you are an attorney, and wish to participate in discussions (and answer questions) without being moderated (i.e. become an “Advisor”), all we ask is that you adhere to our Acceptable Use Policy and you contact us with your name, state (or states) where licensed, and at least one bar id #.  We will verify your licensure, and then add you to this database, where you will be free to update your profile as you think best.

BOI-Labs does not provide services directly to companies, except for the free access to its programs to help companies evaluate whether they are reporting companies and who are the proper individuals who must report BOI.  BOI-Labs would prefer such individuals and companies contact you, the Advisor — an experienced attorney in their jurisdiction.

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